While we don’t know who will represent Illinois’ second district in Congress, we do know that addressing the issue of gun violence will be among the very first issues they face.

I believe we need more leaders in Congress addressing the issue of gun violence in our cities and our communities. For this reason, I believe we must all speak with one voice on this urgent matter.

We all share a common goal. To that end, I stand with Robin Kelly and her leadership, and ask her fellow candidates for the second Congressional district of Illinois to pledge to support her initiative to:

1) Pass a strong, comprehensive ban on assault weapons.

2) Eliminate the gun show loophole, which allows felons and other prohibited individuals to evade background checks when purchasing firearms.

3) Ban the types of high capacity ammunition magazines that were used in the shootings in Aurora and Newtown.

4) Stand in opposition to organizations that oppose reasonable gun safety legislation.

5) Support Illinois’ current laws that prohibit conceal and carry permits.

The fact is, we can protect the Second Amendment and pass common sense restrictions on firearms.

Enough is enough.